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Sep. 14th, 2004 @ 04:04 pm New TV!!!!
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I was so thoroughly happy to see Everwood last night. It was a great episode. I saw the first ten minutes of 7th Heaven decided that it still sucks, and watched an hour of football. (Yay Packers!)

Dr. Brown is going to get it. The defication will hit the ventilation when Ephram finds out about Madison. Especially if she has the baby. It is just not right to keep it from him. It is his child. He should know if he is a father.

Scott Wolf needs to die. He's is too annoying. I don't like him. And Delia needs to quit being such a brat. We don't care about her and her little hissy fits. This show is all about Ephram, at least it should be. Everyone else can go bye-bye. Except maybe Bright. He's looking pretty fine too.

Now I can't wait till One Tree Hill and Gilmore Girls. New seasons are so exciting!

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