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Apr. 17th, 2004 @ 01:15 am Gah
Kris, you can do spoilers behind the cut. In other words, write "lj-cut" with angle brackets instead of quotes at the beginning of the spoilers, then do "/lj-cut" with angle brackets instead of quotes at the end.

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Now onto week's tv reviews.

This has become such a cute show. Madison and Ephram's relationship just seems so honest. There's no melodramatic professions of love conquering all, it just isn't meant to be. I like that it's realistic in that way. Bright truly is my favorite character this season. He has depth and feeling, unlike in season's past. I felt really bad for him when he didn't get into college. I'd feel pretty defeated if that happened to me. Amy, on the other hand, needs to get over herself, or just be over with. Someone please exterminate her from this show.

Gilmore Girls
This show just isn't as good as it used to be in my opinion. I don't like Jason, I hate Dean and my favorite characters Lane and Emily are missing. Lorelai is starting to annoy me and Paris has turned from fanatically amusing to mildly annoying. Anymore of her schizo behavior and she will enter the realm of those-I-cannot-stand-to watch. Emily, though horribly short-sighted, added such flavor to the show. Where is she?

One Tree Hill
This is such a good show. Ever so slutty and ridiculous but oh so entertaining. Brooke should die, as should Nikki. Lucas can go too. Just keep Nathan, Haley, and Jake. Peyton, Karen, Larry can stay too. Everyone else can bee killed off.

I am so excited that all my favorite people are coming back to this show. Darla (Julie Benz), Drusilla (Juliet Landau), Lindsey (Christian Kane) and Connor (Vincent last-name-is-unspellable). Lindsey is in terrible need of a haircut though. And Angel, completely uneccessary. Why is he still on that show? I love Wes and Illiria (sp?) though. He's gotten so dark and she is so much cooler than Fred.

The Apprentice
There was no surprise as to who would win. I had no doubt in my mind that Bill would win since Kwame clearly screwed things up. Bill's event went off without a hitch and Kwame couldn't even find his main act. And what possessed him to hire Omarosa? Is he masochistic? She's a total bitch-whore. She doesn't understand the term integrity and has no morals. She will stab you in the back. She looks out for #1 and lets everyone else tumble down. When she dragged Jessica away and no one could find her, I really thought she did it on purpose. She wanted Kwame to be fired since she had been before. Bitch. Of course it's because of her total disregard of others that makes her so interesting.
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Apr. 16th, 2004 @ 03:55 pm This Week
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Alias: Vaughn needs to go. And I mean right now. And somebody needs to show me how to put spoilers on so I can tell somebody but not Jing. Cause I have some juicy info and speculation.

One Tree Hill: Summer, I mean Brooke, is preggos and presumably Luke is the daddy. What is up with Tree Hill? Why do all the basketball players need to go around sowing their wild oats? Is their something in the water that just makes them super horny or something? Only time will tell. And Keith: one kiss and you buy a ring? Can we say mentally unstable? Or just plain STUPID. Granted, he needed to say something, but come on, marriage? Those crazy Tree Hillers and their notions about love and marriage.

Gilmore Girls: I missed the first half hour due to Dad's incessant whining (he just wouldn't stop) but I wasn't crazy about what I did see. I don't like Jason so I don't like that he and Lorelai are getting more serious. But I loved that Luke & Nicole are pretty much through. He needs to see that he and Lorelai are meant to be. Stop fighting it.

Smallville: How the mighty have fallen. I don't think I even like this show anymore. And nothing is certain. That's one of the tenets of Supermandom: Everything is either black, or white. There is no grey in Kansas. Miller and Gough are seriously ruining it. I'm actually begining to think that DC's lack of continuity is a good thing cause that means that the show can be ignored and not included in the lore. In fact, it was a a dream set up by the Riddler and the Sandman. Any minute now Batman will break it up and we will return to the real world. The good world. (Although not so good if Batman is involved cause, let's face it, the guy's a freakin' nut case. And he's the hero. Gotham definitely sucks. )

The O.C. : One of tv's finest hours. I thought Seth and Summer were really cute. And I felt like I got my hour's worth of teen drama. The whole Julie/Caleb/Luke thing has some great potential. Somehow the characters can all be interwoven on this show yet not get the slimy incestuous feel. It does have a sort of seedy "How could you do that, yuck" feel, but not incestuous. And Luke is so stupid. It's not like the writing was bad, or the acting was bad either. His character is just a dolt. I was amazed. It inspired me to create my own awards tentatively called the Dobbies. Categories will include: Dumbest character (Luke), worst dialogue, worst directing, worst make-up, best recovery-physical, best recovery-in writing/plot, cutest couple, cutest on/off screen couple (Seth and Summer, or Lucas and Brooke), sluttiest cast (OTH, all the way), best cast chemistry, best cast juggling, dumbest programming mistake (canceling Wonderfalls), best programming decision (Bravo picking it up-we can hope, can't we?).

Any suggestions for categories or nominations for winners would be much appreciated. The awards ceremony is currently scheduled for sometime after APs. Maybe the week of graduation. Like June 2 or something.

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Apr. 1st, 2004 @ 02:11 pm
This is just a reminder that Wonderfalls is moving to Thursdays at 9 pm. Watch it and be entertained!
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Apr. 1st, 2004 @ 01:53 pm "The Nana"
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Well, this ep wasn't that bad. No fireworks, but no train wrecks either. And once again the trailer for the next episode is more interesting than this week's entire ep. Someone's gonna die. Mom says Luke, I think Hayley. (Cross our fingers the "Oh no someone's dead" bit shown was just before Marissa bites the big one.)

I don't get why Marissa had to run away. Couldn't she just go to her dad's- where she lives anyway- and avoid her mom? Chino-Man did not need to get dragged into it.

Why were Theresa and Chino-Man making such a fuss about their engagement party? Even fuddy duddies that spend tons on such soirees don't make that big a deal out of them. Unnecessary drama is all that was.

The Nana seemed familar. Where have I seen her before? She also seemed like a bad mother. Especially for naming her son Sandy. I read somewhere that it was short for Sanford. Poor guy!

Luke is such a moron! I felt like sending him away on a short bus. SO clueless.

I liked that the writers included a little Oliver check-up. Nice to know he's still locked up in the looney bin. Just wish they'd send Marissa too.

Hayley is really slutty. She should tone it down. Look at Summer- she threw herself at Seth and he started dating someone else. Granted they ended up together because it was just right- you can't always count on that.

I can't believe that there are only four more new eps. Made me sad. There should be fourty ep seasons. Then we could have new eps every week from September to May.So what if we'd have a large number of disgruntled actors who didn't get their hiatuses (hiati? hiatusi? does anyone ever talk about a hiatus in the plural?). I say suffer for your art!

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Mar. 26th, 2004 @ 07:30 pm The O.C.
Ep was pretty good overall. I was definitely excited to see new television, period. Well, the new Alias's are a bit testy but other than that.
I could not believe that Ryan would get involved in the whole Julie-Luke thing. And why did Luke listen to him?! Ryan was out of line.
I totally loved the little show within a show. And having Colin Hanks as Adam Brody was choice.
Overall rating : 7 out of 10

Does not bode well for next week though. I hate Marissa. And she's going to "move" to Chino. Such a drama whore. I hope she stays there and never comes back. Even better : she becomes a hooker, ends up hooked on crack, and dies in a bar fight over a toothless smelly crack dealer. That's what she deserves. No, she deserves worse. Like becoming a crack whore and wandering into a zoo only to be eaten by a kommodo dragon. Slowly. And she's not high. Just that screwed up. Or maybe she hooks up with Oliver again and they go off to Looney land and swap paranoid delusions and stories about how the world has wronged them.
Bottom Line: Scoge needs to die. And with lots of blood and carnage.
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Mar. 3rd, 2004 @ 01:12 pm Could Lucas get any sluttier?
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The answer is yes.

Be warned, this is the One Tree Hill rant.

I thought Lucas had peaked with the sluttiness but apparently I was wrong...and boy was I wrong. He just keeps getting sluttier and sluttier with each progressive episode. I know I've used that term a LOT but damn, the buy is just so damn slutty!

I foresee more whoring in his future.

And Nikki? It's the evil bitch from Smallville!

I don't remember anything that happened on Gilmore Girls last night. It was a boring ep. We need Jess back.
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Feb. 27th, 2004 @ 02:10 pm Melodrama, Melodrama, Melodrama
Wow, what an interesting week of television.

I hate Amy. I have one huge problem with her Colin Hallucination. I know it really shouldn't bother me so much since this is really anal but Colin did NOT have long hair when he died--or even right before he died. In fact, he NEVER had long hair on the show. Then all of a sudden, Amy hallucinates him and he has long hair. What? Did she just have some fantasy of him with long hair. It's most likely because the actor has long hair now but still. What happened to standard continuity?

Ephram is stupid. He loves Madison? Oh get over it dork. He's 16, he doesn't know what love is.

Bright is probably my favorite character on there now. He is hilarious, getting all excited over his grades.

One Tree Hill
And I thought Lucas was a slut before...he truly showed his whore action this time. I can't believe he dumped her so fast. He wasn't even home two minutes before he pulled the plug on that relationship.

Then, he immediately checks his messages for Peyton? What a total whore. Plus the whole spying on her through her webcam thing is freaky. I don't know how they're expecting that to be cool. It's freakish. You don't watch people through their webcam! Plus, how stupid was it for him to have her site up on his computer? What a perv. Watching her 24/7. What if his mom had walked in and seen him watching her?

Plus, he spends enough time watching the webcam, you'd think he'd be more aware that other people might see him making out with Peyton on it--namely Brooke.

On an up note, Nathan and Haley are so cute together. That's the only good relationship on the show right now.

This was pretty bizzare this week. The kid was insane and the whole Clark's blood can bring people to life thing didn't sit well with me either. I don't quite get how Clark can heal people. He impervious to everything except kryptonite but that doesn't mean he can raise himself from the dead. Does this mean that Clark is immortal? And if so, why is he growing older instead of staying a little boy forever?

I think they're just taking it too far. Plus, Lana's bf needs to die, seeing that he's suppose to be dead anyway. Just kill him already instead of continuing to bring him back. He's not a particularly interesting character either.

The Fred storyline is what attracted me to watch this episode in the first place. Unfortunetly, it did not live up to the previews. I still adore Wesley, and Wes/Fred is cute but pretty much all the other characters suck (with the exception of Spike and Lorne). Angel should be killed off the show, Fred is whiney as hell, Gunn is just plain pathetic, Eve is stupid, Harmony has outlived all use, and who the hell is that annoying scientist guy? Thankfully Cordy is dead because I don't think I could have dealt with anymore of her pretentiousness.

Fred is now some kind of god? Uh, we already did that in a show called Buffy. Remember Glory, taking over the body of Ben? Did we already forget that fiasco? How about the elder taking over Cordy's body. I'm seeing a lot of parallels between Fred and Cordy right now.

The OC
Gah. I didn't think it could get more dramatic but it has. Now we've got Marissa/Ryan/Theresa, Summer/Seth/Anna, AND that whole Julie/Luke thing.

I'm happy about the ending because I really hate Marissa. Muahahah. I'm evil. Seth is so cute. And I can't believe Anna is giving them relationship advice. How freakish is that? Less than a week ago she was completely in love with Seth and now she's helping him make things work with Summer. That is just about the most altruistic thing I've ever heard *gag*

I'm not even going to comment about Julie and Luke.

I'm beginning to really love this show. The ending was so sweet. I love Luka and Sam. He just needs to get over that pesky little sex addiction. And Sam's kid Alex even likes Luka! How awesome is that.

Everything else in it is entertainig but not worth commenting about.
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Feb. 13th, 2004 @ 05:46 pm Week's Television in Review

This week I got to watch this since I didn't have work (first time in a long time). I haven't watched in a while but Everwood is so much like a soap opera that it doesn't even matter that I missed over half the seasons so far. Besides, the previews always catch me up.
Here's what I got out of it.
-Bright is such a cooler character now. He used to be such a snob and he's still quite clueless but in a funny and adorable way.
-Amy is stupid. Always has been, always will be. And walking in on her grandparents...lol...that was hilarious. She deserved to be scarred for life.
-Amy's druggie bf is hot. He may be a loser druggie but at least he's a cute one.
-Madison is so awesome.
-Ephram has issues but at least he tries. He's good to Madison and his friendship with Bright is a plus. Now they should band together to reject and make Amy miserable.
-I could care less about Dr Brown. He just keeps getting on my nerves trying to be the good guy vigilante.
-Lanie should get more screentime. She's cool.


Gilmore Girls
Jess Jess Jess
I like Jess. And the ending was heart-wrenching because now I know he's gone forever. *sob* Why do they always take away the good ones?
As for Lorelai/Luke, serious potential this ep. The whole Luke got drunk thing was overplayed. I really don't see Luke getting drunk, ever but it was cute how Lorelai took care of him. Not much else to say about this show, it's just a good hour of fun family entertainment.

One Tree Hill
This is quite possible the most soap-operay primetime show there is. I think it even surpasses the OC in that respect. Things just take complete 180s on this show ep to ep. No real continuity at all. Nathan and Haley are still as cute as ever and that should NEVER change or it would make me extremely mad. They can mess with Lucas's love life all they want but N/H need to stay just as they are.

Speaking of Lucas, he is such a slut! Bouncing around from one girl to another, a lot like Seth (OC). Plus he thinks he's some self-righteous character? Yeah right! Those girls have feelings and if he was in love with Peyton all along then he should have chosen her the night the two of the were both at his house and Peyton came clean about her feelings. None of that stringing Brooke along crap. Now that his life is in danger it's only going to make things worse because then both of them will be fawning all over him, professing their undying love. Oh, give me a break. He should die. That would work for me.


Mike is so cute! And he's so perfect for Phoebe. I've only watched this show occaisionally but it is entertaining when I do.

The Apprentice
A couple of people have told me this is good so since I had the chance, I watched it. And it was good! I don't like many reality shows but this was awesome because there's so much competition going on. This is one that I would totally want to be in. People getting on other people's nerves, the tension, the thinly cloaked bitterness and the dual-layered comments. And to top it all off, boy does Donald Trump knows how to fire someone. It was pathetic the way that girl (Jessie?) was begging him not to fire her. I think Omarosa was a bitch but Jessie can't speak right and everytime she opened her mouth she annoyed me so I'm glad she's gone.

The OC
This is suppose to air on Wednesday but because of the game, it didn't air until 11pm Thursday. I'd forgotten all about it too but I did a bit of channel surfing after The Apprentice and caught it just in time.

First of all, I cannot believe Seth! He was such an ass to Anna. I like Anna but I'm not even that upset that their through, I'm more upset at the fact that Seth completely disreguarded her feelings. He acted like she wasn't even there half the time. The Seth I thought I knew was a lot more sensitive than that.

Luke and Julie. Oh wow. As soon as Julie started pouring out all her woes I knew it was going to happen. Same thing happened in Pasadena and the OC is very much like Pasadena. I wanted to shoot myself! I was pretty much pulling out my hair screaming at the tv for them to just STOP. I'd been building up so much respect for Luke over the past few eps but damn, he just lost all progress. And where the heck did he go after that? He sure as hell didn't show up at the hotel with the clothes.

Ryan is just blah.

Marissa is a whore. She is also stupid. And insensitive. And needs to die. And is such a damsel in distress. Really needs to get some good therapy. Also needs to stop thinking that she's a therapist (I'll help you Oliver). Could use some manners too.

I'm sad that Oliver's gone. He was a good character. Very dynamic, very interesting, very evil and very enjoyable. Too bad.
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Feb. 11th, 2004 @ 11:47 am Tues. Feb. 10
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Last night I didn't have the chance to see most of Gilmore Girls so I'll just have to wait until I see Jing Jing's tape.

One Tree Hill was pretty good. I can't stand Lucas! He is such a jerk. He should break up with Brooke now and forget about both her and Peyton.
Nathan and Haley are the cutest couple. I love them together. And when he was teaching her to free throw, that was too cute. Just too cute.
Dan got what he deserved. Deb wants to divorce him and she should. I hope tha tsince he realized that he loves her he tries to be a better person to get her back. That could make things interesting.
I don't like Karen coming back. I liked having Deb run the cafe. Now what will she do? How will she get into the story?
The end was a bit melodramtic. And as an ER fan I felt bad since they showed that lucas was asystole and on ER that is when they give up. So I thought either ER's been lying to me or the OTH people don't know what they're talking about. Maybe neither show knows what it's talking about. Since I don't know, I can't tell.
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Feb. 4th, 2004 @ 12:28 pm Tuesday Feb 3
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Gilmore Girls was okay last night, but kind of a let down. I was expecting a heckuva lot more out of the whole "Jess is back" thing. If they were going to be that lame about it, then they should have just saved Rory seeing him until the very end. I was greatly disappointed.

And Paris is so annoying! She has a great guy who isn't sixty and she treats him like trash! She dropped him like a dookie in a diaper. Didn't even look back. It's the kind of thing that makes me hate young girls. And on his birthday! Reprehensible!

The little Luke/Jason was cute, but I hope they don't make a habit of it. That would get overdone way too quickly.

One Tree Hill was great. I loved that they shed some light on the whole Scott family dysfunction. And I kept thinking, "Man, it must suck to be Keith" cause his dad doesn't love him and he can't even hide behind the bastard thing. And it was nice to show that Dan is a monster of his own making. He could have made it easier for Nathan and he decided to go the other direction. What a dick.

I didn't like how the Peyton/Lucas thing was handled but I'm glad that they didn't do anything. That would have been much worse. Thank God for needy girlfriends that give random gifts. Yet I kinda feel bad for Brooke cause the shoe has to drop at some point.

The trailer for next week looked amazing! I'll have to look at it again.

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