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A Little About Us
We like to complain, about what we see on TV. It's not all bad though. We can be nice too.
For the best in recaps and responses.
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Jan. 26th, 2006 @ 11:31 pm Smallville: Reckoning and Beauty and the Geek 2
Smallville (Episode 100)

This recent episode and the Lexmas Christmas special are the only two memorable episodes for this season of Smallville. The beginning was rather rushed and gave me the feeling that the entire scene was another one of Clark's fantasies, but fifteen minutes later I look at Lana's ring-bearing hand and I'm like whoa! that's no dream!

I wanted Lana to die. Being a Smallville fan, a KryptonSite reader, and a WB watcher, it's hard not to have your own preferences or predictions on which character was to die. Let's see...it can't be Lex because he isn't close to Clark anymore. Chloe might die, Lois could die but she'd have to be resurrected for the obvious reasons. And the Kents can't die because they're both alive in the comics (well...Lana and Pete are alive and married in the comics). Clark doesn't have many friends does he? But I figured that since Lana was only a childhood sweetheart, she'd have to die so that he could move on. Not only that, but lately her role has been irritating me. Whine about this, whine about that, why aren't we having sex anymore, boo hoo!
Go figure, she died. But before the writers killed her off, they made me care for her. FOR THE LAST TIME. Clark is the reason why Lana is an orphan and he created all of those meteor freaks, and she's like "Okay I'll marry you because you trusted me"? I love Lex's violent reaction when he found out that Lana knew Clark's secret. It suits him well. Come to think about it, I just realized that his reaction means that Lex values Clark's secret over Lana! When he kisses Lana in The Mansion Take Two, that's just his secondary ambition.

In the instant that Lana died, Lex saw Clark use his super running powers too. hmm...

I don't understand how Clark blames Jor-el for Lana's death and why Jor-el took the credit for it. Perhaps it's because Jor-el resurrected Clark, which created a need for the universe to balance itself (thus making Jor-el responsible for killing Lana)?

I was like NOOOO CLARK listen to your biological father! somehow you'll only make things worse!
But Superman pays no heed to his sidekick Evan.

in Take Two, I liked how Clark was completely flustered on giving Lana her surprise that she'd never forget. And then she broke up with him?! Okay, um...Clark saved your life you bitch how about you pay him back by not going to Lex's mansion? But hopefully Clark will move on (well, right now, Lana is the least of his problems) because Lois is quite the looker.

and then Jonathan...whew...beat the shit out of Lionel Luthor. Evil bastard, but ya gotta love him. If Clark would just let Lana die, his father wouldn't have seen that picture (I wonder what it was) and died scaring the crap out of LL. Lex would probably have learned from his disastrous mistake and give up his interest in Clark, and Lana would have died knowing her fiancee's secret. That's what happens when you force the universe balance itself, Superman.

Now I know why Clark Kent will take FOREVER to tell Lois Lane that he is Superman.

Beauty and the Geek2: Episode 3

Being a watcher of the original Beauty and the Geek, I'd say this season is more of a drag. Last year it was like...a blind experiment. No one knew what was going on, the people on the show didn't initially know what the show was going to be about, they were all little guinea pigs. Which is awesome because before the beauties were FED UP with the geeks' behaviors (Richard, anybody?) and there was some definate internal conflicts within some teams. But here, it's only external conflicts: Chris's team and Cher's team. Besides that, everyone's calling the geeks sweethearts, everyone's calling the girls smarty pants, and the people aren't here specifically for the quarter million dollars, they're here to improve themselves and have some fun. They know exactly what to do, some girls are only faking to be blondes, some guys don't need to change socially. A bunch of baloney

When Chris's partner told him what a jerk he appeared to be to the others, he went to the Jacuzzi to apologize (this is episode 2). I really think that the teams should have given Chris another chance. I mean, after all, he's here to change too right? Maybe now that he's learnt not to go overboard, they'll cut him some slack but no! Immediately he gets brushed aside...

...which makes me think that these teams had the initial intent of sending his team to the elimination room every time even if he didn't go on his power trip. It's like Moody's book The Psychology of the Robber. When I play Catan, I don't rob evenly from every player and gain a lot of enemies. I always target the same person and use some sort of an excuse for my doing so. When people know what they're getting themselves into, they change up their strategy. These people know the basic structure of Beauty and the Geek. So their plan is to share a common enemy and find a team that can possibly defeat that enemy. But as long as that common enemy remains, the teams aren't going to go for each others throats first. I think. If Chris's team doesn't get immunity, let's see which team is the first sent to the elimination room.

Books? They get material to study? All elimination questions are based off of their study materials? That is really gay?

Tyson is like some kind of a god. But teamed up with Thais, like the only hot girl in the show, he lost in elimination. It's too bad because I wanted to see the two of them go up to the top.

It looks like Tyson is going to be on the WB's "Twins" on Friday though. 9:30pm, I'll be sure to tape it.
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Dec. 12th, 2005 @ 10:07 pm Because I spent the day catching up on tv...
Ok, first order of highly depressing news, I have no fuctional TV!!! I know, it's a complete tragedy. We had, at one point, three functional TVs in the house but I took the little one to school with me. That one is like probably close to 10 years old by now but it's still in new contition, in other words it works without a problem. The two remaining TVs include our giant bigscreen that we got less than 4 years ago and a 32in one that is 10+ years old. The bigscreen is currently broken and being fixed by whoever it is we bought it from. The 32in RCA one just plain sucks. The picture blanks out to static ever once in a while and leaves this highly annoying high-pitched screech or it does the weird concave sceen thing where the screen shape gets distorted. Thus I was unable to watch Grey's Anatomy this weekend which made me very sad.

Prison Break
I think this show is beginning to lose its edge for me. Wentworth Miller is still gorgeous but the plot is well, lackluster these days. To say its on the ridiculous side would be a gross understatement. Plus, that is one shitty cliffhanger to leave right before a 3 MONTH HIATUS! Especially considering, when the show comes back, it will leave off on probably the events directly following the cliffhanger. It's suspenseful when Alias does it, they just screwed it up in my opinion.

The OC
Yes. I'm still watching this show. No, I don't know why. I'm still amused by it and so I will continue giving it a chance. I'm glad Summer turned out not to be the total bimbo that she seems to be. And also, i have a feeling that if the actors agree to continue doing the show, neither Seth nor Summer will get into Brown, leaving them with Berkley as their alternative and the foursome will be whole once again. And Johnny getting run over, sooooooooo called that. The fact remains though, why can't the boy get a haircut?

And Matt telling Ryan he needs to pull an all-nighter on his internship? The boy's in high school, doesn't he have homework or need to sleep?

Oh yeah, was Lindsey at Caleb's funeral? And who the fuck cares about Taylor and her patheticness? Chile? WTF. They're wasting a perfectly good looking boy by making him a complete wishwash.

I want to see what happens with this high end dating service thing though.

Seriously, this. show. rocks. I am finally caught up with everything and love it. I seriously cannot wait to see what happens. My only big complants are 1. Sayid's declaration of love to Shannon. They've been on the island for 45 days. At most they've known each other for a little over a month and he's already promising that he'll always be there and that he'll love her forever? Seriously, dude. and 2. They take forever to develop the Sawyer/Kate/Jack thing. And now they're adding Ana-Lucia? Give me a break and get rid of her already.

Veronica Mars
VMars is starting to get better and better. The most recent episode I felt was ok but the two previous to that one were superb. I was seriously entertained, amused and surprised. If you're not watcing this show then something is seriously wrong with you.

Desperate Housewives
Wow. SO dramatic. Like Andrew, he's evil. Totally evil. And Susan is so annoying, they should just kill her off or something. Gabrielle and the evil nun are hella funny. I cannot wait to see what happens with her.

Grey's Anatomy
Is really excellent this season. I'm really loving the dynamic, hating Meredith, but love everyone else. The sexpisode was great. Possibly the best one in all TV history. No joke.

And now I must watch House, Alias, and rewatch Firefly before finally seeing Serenity.
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total drama queen
Oct. 18th, 2004 @ 06:46 pm Desperate Housewives
Current Music: Better than Ezra - A Lifetime
Desperate Housewives is such an awesome show. I thought I would truly hate it due to the fact that it had taken Alias's time slot but it is surprisingly good. And by good I mean trashy, just the way I like it.

Fun times. I've stopped watching all my other shows.
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total drama queen
Sep. 27th, 2004 @ 10:07 pm Awwwwwwwwww
Current Mood: bouncybouncy
Current Music: Stuff on Maj

Note to self: Watching tv on the total sugar high of Twizzlers and Moutain Dew ROX! It made even 7th Heaven bearable. Amazing. Everwood was sad when Edna left to work for Scott "I wish he were dead" Wolf. Then it was all too cute over Amy and Ephram. Normally I don't like Amy, but on the ultimate happy I was trippin' it really worked. Made go "aww" out loud. Yeah, I need to go to Wal-Mart and pick up more Twizzlers so I can do this every time I sit down to watch tv. Which is a lot less often now. I know, that's odd, but hey, a person can change. A little.

Rory is such a slut! I can't wait to see her get chewed out by Lindsey's mom. If its not gratifying I will be upset.

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white rose
Sep. 14th, 2004 @ 04:04 pm New TV!!!!
Current Mood: chipperchipper
Current Music: Oprah

I was so thoroughly happy to see Everwood last night. It was a great episode. I saw the first ten minutes of 7th Heaven decided that it still sucks, and watched an hour of football. (Yay Packers!)

Dr. Brown is going to get it. The defication will hit the ventilation when Ephram finds out about Madison. Especially if she has the baby. It is just not right to keep it from him. It is his child. He should know if he is a father.

Scott Wolf needs to die. He's is too annoying. I don't like him. And Delia needs to quit being such a brat. We don't care about her and her little hissy fits. This show is all about Ephram, at least it should be. Everyone else can go bye-bye. Except maybe Bright. He's looking pretty fine too.

Now I can't wait till One Tree Hill and Gilmore Girls. New seasons are so exciting!

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white rose
Aug. 17th, 2004 @ 07:55 pm Handy Dandy Programming Guide!!!
Current Mood: accomplished








One Tree Hill (EV)


The Mountain (EV)


Steve Harvey’s Big Time

King of The Hill 11/7


Charmed 9/12

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition 9/26


*Arrested Development


Jack & Bobby 9/12

Desperate Housewives 10/3


Boston Legal 10/3



7th Heaven 9/13


Everwood 9/13




Gilmore Girls 9/21

My Wife & Kids 9/21

*George Lopez 9/21


One Tree Hill 9/21

Father of The Pride 8/31

*Scrubs 8/31


NYPD Blue 9/21

Law & Order: SVU

Judging Amy



Smallville 9/22

Lost 9/22

Hawaii 9/1


The Mountain 9/22

Bernie Mac


CSI: New York



Joey 9/9

*Will & Grace

The OC 11/4


Life As We Know It 10/7

Tru Calling





I'll try to update it as I get info, and maybe I'll make it prettier later.

FARSCAPE returns with the Peacekeeper Wars on Sci-Fi Sunday October 17 at 9!!!!!!!!!!!
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Jul. 26th, 2004 @ 12:43 pm Bastards, Scoges, and Me
Current Mood: enragedenraged

 I was watching E! less than ten minutes ago and I just heard some terrible news. The assholes at ABC/Alias have made yet another serious blunder. Our favorite heavy, Julian Sark played by the beautiful and talented David Anders, will not be a cast member next year! He will only be in a few of the episodes as a guest star. You can only imagine my complete disgust.

In other news, Lucas has named Episode III The Revenge of the Sith. Not that bad, not that great. Maybe he's getting better pudding at the home these days. But I am certainly not holding my breath.

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Jul. 15th, 2004 @ 10:25 am Dobbies (Finally)
Current Mood: gigglyaward-givey
Current Music: The band with the great name : Hoobastank

I know I've been lazy about 'em, but here they finally are! The decisions were pretty tough in some categories, but I like my choices. If you don't then tough. If you need explanations, I'd be happy to provide them. Unless you're rude. I'm writing this as if multiple people will read it. How silly of me.

Best Actress - Lauren Graham (Lorelai Gilmore)

Best Actor - Adam Brody (Seth Cohen)

Worst Actress - Mischa Barton (Marissa Cooper)

Best Supporting - Chris Pratt (Bright Abbot)

Best Guest Appearance - Sarah Lancaster (Madison)

Best cast chemistry - The O.C.

Sluttiest Cast - One Tree Hill

Sluts of the Year - Rory & Lucas (notice the s? Now it's time for them to hook up)

Best Hook-Up - Nathan & Haley

Best Break-up - Lane & Mrs. Kim

Cutest On/Off Screen couple - Adam Brody & Rachel Bilson

Best Show Of the Year - The O.C.

Congrats to all the winners! If any would like to contact the actors and let them know, that'd be cool.

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Jun. 1st, 2004 @ 05:11 pm Dobbie Time!!
Current Mood: accomplished
Current Music: love songs

Key: Alias Everwood Gilmore Girls One Tree Hill The O.C. Smallville Angel ER Wonderfalls

And the nominees are:

Best Actress

Lauren Graham (Lorelai Gilmore)

Jennifer Garner (Sydney Bristow)

Caroline Dhavernas (Jaye Tyler)

Best Actor

Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor)

Adam Brody (Seth Cohen)

Noah Wyle (John Carter)

Scott Patterson (Luke Danes)

James Lafferty (Nathan Scott)

Worst Actress

Kristin Kreuk (Lana Lang)

Mischa Barton (Marissa Cooper)

Worst Actor

Good news! I couldn’t think of enough guys to make this a viable category.

Best Supporting

Peter Gallagher (Sandy Cohen)

Paul Johansson (Dan Scott)

Kelly Bishop (Emily Gilmore)

Chris Pratt (Bright Abbot)

James Marsters (Spike)

Best Guest Appearance

Thandie Newton (Kem)

Paris Hilton

Christopher Reeve (Dr. Swann)

Sarah Lancaster (Madison)

Emmanuelle Vaugier (Nicki)

Best cast chemistry

One Tree Hill

The O.C.



Gilmore Girls

Sluttiest Cast

The O.C.

One Tree Hill



Sluts of the Year

Lauren Reed






Best Hook-Up

Seth & Summer

Caleb Nichol & Julie Cooper

Lucas & Brooke

Nathan & Haley

Luke & Lorelai

Best Break-up

Lucas & Brooke

Richard & Emily Gilmore

Lane & Mrs. Kim

Lorelai & Jason

Cutest On/Off Screen couple

Adam Brody & Rachel Bilson

Chad Michael Murray & Sophia Bush

Jennifer Garner & Michael Vartan


Dumbest network - Fox for putting Wonderfalls on Fridays and then canceling it

Worst Supporting - Sam Jones III, Pete Ross

Drastic Character Change - Rory Gilmore

Ruined show - Smallville

Best Series finale - Angel

Dearly Departed - Chris (Charmed) and Wesley

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white rose
May. 7th, 2004 @ 04:29 pm Week of May 3
Current Music: Dancin' In the Moonlight

You know, I really had a lot to say about Smallville form like two weeks ago, but now all I remember is to mention that I now hate Chloe and she's a super-scoge. This week was not so good. This whole season has really gotten crappy. I know I've said this before, but when it's true, it's true.

One Tree Hill - Again can't remember much other than being entertained and that Peyton is the worst babysitter. You never turn away from a baby. Never. So many things can happen to them. She should feel insanely guilty and more.

Gilmore Girls was pretty good. Not enough Lane, but I definitely thought Luke's little discoverry was cute. I predict the show will end in two seasons though. Unless they do a "they hook up but it doesn't work" thing. The lack of sexual tension has killed many a show. It really is sad.

Everwood - The previews for next week are looking so good. Talking with Sierra, we decided that it looks like she's preggers, but she may have an STD. We'll just have to wait to find out.

The O.C. season finale was great. I cried so much when Seth went away. He just looked soooo sad. It was heart breaking. And the parties at the Nichol place. Those will be awesome. As long as they keep the same flavor to the show it will be amazing. Can't wait for next season.

Alias this week was good. Jack launching at Irena's sister was interesting. Cool that Sid knows her now. Don't read this JJCollapse )

ER this week kicked my butt. I did not like that Carter and Kem lost their baby. I knew it was coming but I still wasn't prepared for the mad sadness of it. And they didn't just have one portion of show for John; they kept returning to it every few minutes. I cried so hard I could barely breathe. It was so sad. And on top of that, things are wierd between Luka and Sam. That is not good. Why can't they just be happy? Why must tptb torture me so?

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