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Dec. 12th, 2005 @ 10:07 pm Because I spent the day catching up on tv...
Ok, first order of highly depressing news, I have no fuctional TV!!! I know, it's a complete tragedy. We had, at one point, three functional TVs in the house but I took the little one to school with me. That one is like probably close to 10 years old by now but it's still in new contition, in other words it works without a problem. The two remaining TVs include our giant bigscreen that we got less than 4 years ago and a 32in one that is 10+ years old. The bigscreen is currently broken and being fixed by whoever it is we bought it from. The 32in RCA one just plain sucks. The picture blanks out to static ever once in a while and leaves this highly annoying high-pitched screech or it does the weird concave sceen thing where the screen shape gets distorted. Thus I was unable to watch Grey's Anatomy this weekend which made me very sad.

Prison Break
I think this show is beginning to lose its edge for me. Wentworth Miller is still gorgeous but the plot is well, lackluster these days. To say its on the ridiculous side would be a gross understatement. Plus, that is one shitty cliffhanger to leave right before a 3 MONTH HIATUS! Especially considering, when the show comes back, it will leave off on probably the events directly following the cliffhanger. It's suspenseful when Alias does it, they just screwed it up in my opinion.

The OC
Yes. I'm still watching this show. No, I don't know why. I'm still amused by it and so I will continue giving it a chance. I'm glad Summer turned out not to be the total bimbo that she seems to be. And also, i have a feeling that if the actors agree to continue doing the show, neither Seth nor Summer will get into Brown, leaving them with Berkley as their alternative and the foursome will be whole once again. And Johnny getting run over, sooooooooo called that. The fact remains though, why can't the boy get a haircut?

And Matt telling Ryan he needs to pull an all-nighter on his internship? The boy's in high school, doesn't he have homework or need to sleep?

Oh yeah, was Lindsey at Caleb's funeral? And who the fuck cares about Taylor and her patheticness? Chile? WTF. They're wasting a perfectly good looking boy by making him a complete wishwash.

I want to see what happens with this high end dating service thing though.

Seriously, this. show. rocks. I am finally caught up with everything and love it. I seriously cannot wait to see what happens. My only big complants are 1. Sayid's declaration of love to Shannon. They've been on the island for 45 days. At most they've known each other for a little over a month and he's already promising that he'll always be there and that he'll love her forever? Seriously, dude. and 2. They take forever to develop the Sawyer/Kate/Jack thing. And now they're adding Ana-Lucia? Give me a break and get rid of her already.

Veronica Mars
VMars is starting to get better and better. The most recent episode I felt was ok but the two previous to that one were superb. I was seriously entertained, amused and surprised. If you're not watcing this show then something is seriously wrong with you.

Desperate Housewives
Wow. SO dramatic. Like Andrew, he's evil. Totally evil. And Susan is so annoying, they should just kill her off or something. Gabrielle and the evil nun are hella funny. I cannot wait to see what happens with her.

Grey's Anatomy
Is really excellent this season. I'm really loving the dynamic, hating Meredith, but love everyone else. The sexpisode was great. Possibly the best one in all TV history. No joke.

And now I must watch House, Alias, and rewatch Firefly before finally seeing Serenity.
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