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Jan. 26th, 2006 @ 11:31 pm Smallville: Reckoning and Beauty and the Geek 2
Smallville (Episode 100)

This recent episode and the Lexmas Christmas special are the only two memorable episodes for this season of Smallville. The beginning was rather rushed and gave me the feeling that the entire scene was another one of Clark's fantasies, but fifteen minutes later I look at Lana's ring-bearing hand and I'm like whoa! that's no dream!

I wanted Lana to die. Being a Smallville fan, a KryptonSite reader, and a WB watcher, it's hard not to have your own preferences or predictions on which character was to die. Let's see...it can't be Lex because he isn't close to Clark anymore. Chloe might die, Lois could die but she'd have to be resurrected for the obvious reasons. And the Kents can't die because they're both alive in the comics (well...Lana and Pete are alive and married in the comics). Clark doesn't have many friends does he? But I figured that since Lana was only a childhood sweetheart, she'd have to die so that he could move on. Not only that, but lately her role has been irritating me. Whine about this, whine about that, why aren't we having sex anymore, boo hoo!
Go figure, she died. But before the writers killed her off, they made me care for her. FOR THE LAST TIME. Clark is the reason why Lana is an orphan and he created all of those meteor freaks, and she's like "Okay I'll marry you because you trusted me"? I love Lex's violent reaction when he found out that Lana knew Clark's secret. It suits him well. Come to think about it, I just realized that his reaction means that Lex values Clark's secret over Lana! When he kisses Lana in The Mansion Take Two, that's just his secondary ambition.

In the instant that Lana died, Lex saw Clark use his super running powers too. hmm...

I don't understand how Clark blames Jor-el for Lana's death and why Jor-el took the credit for it. Perhaps it's because Jor-el resurrected Clark, which created a need for the universe to balance itself (thus making Jor-el responsible for killing Lana)?

I was like NOOOO CLARK listen to your biological father! somehow you'll only make things worse!
But Superman pays no heed to his sidekick Evan.

in Take Two, I liked how Clark was completely flustered on giving Lana her surprise that she'd never forget. And then she broke up with him?! Okay, um...Clark saved your life you bitch how about you pay him back by not going to Lex's mansion? But hopefully Clark will move on (well, right now, Lana is the least of his problems) because Lois is quite the looker.

and then Jonathan...whew...beat the shit out of Lionel Luthor. Evil bastard, but ya gotta love him. If Clark would just let Lana die, his father wouldn't have seen that picture (I wonder what it was) and died scaring the crap out of LL. Lex would probably have learned from his disastrous mistake and give up his interest in Clark, and Lana would have died knowing her fiancee's secret. That's what happens when you force the universe balance itself, Superman.

Now I know why Clark Kent will take FOREVER to tell Lois Lane that he is Superman.

Beauty and the Geek2: Episode 3

Being a watcher of the original Beauty and the Geek, I'd say this season is more of a drag. Last year it was like...a blind experiment. No one knew what was going on, the people on the show didn't initially know what the show was going to be about, they were all little guinea pigs. Which is awesome because before the beauties were FED UP with the geeks' behaviors (Richard, anybody?) and there was some definate internal conflicts within some teams. But here, it's only external conflicts: Chris's team and Cher's team. Besides that, everyone's calling the geeks sweethearts, everyone's calling the girls smarty pants, and the people aren't here specifically for the quarter million dollars, they're here to improve themselves and have some fun. They know exactly what to do, some girls are only faking to be blondes, some guys don't need to change socially. A bunch of baloney

When Chris's partner told him what a jerk he appeared to be to the others, he went to the Jacuzzi to apologize (this is episode 2). I really think that the teams should have given Chris another chance. I mean, after all, he's here to change too right? Maybe now that he's learnt not to go overboard, they'll cut him some slack but no! Immediately he gets brushed aside...

...which makes me think that these teams had the initial intent of sending his team to the elimination room every time even if he didn't go on his power trip. It's like Moody's book The Psychology of the Robber. When I play Catan, I don't rob evenly from every player and gain a lot of enemies. I always target the same person and use some sort of an excuse for my doing so. When people know what they're getting themselves into, they change up their strategy. These people know the basic structure of Beauty and the Geek. So their plan is to share a common enemy and find a team that can possibly defeat that enemy. But as long as that common enemy remains, the teams aren't going to go for each others throats first. I think. If Chris's team doesn't get immunity, let's see which team is the first sent to the elimination room.

Books? They get material to study? All elimination questions are based off of their study materials? That is really gay?

Tyson is like some kind of a god. But teamed up with Thais, like the only hot girl in the show, he lost in elimination. It's too bad because I wanted to see the two of them go up to the top.

It looks like Tyson is going to be on the WB's "Twins" on Friday though. 9:30pm, I'll be sure to tape it.
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Date:January 29th, 2006 03:26 pm (UTC)
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Dude, I am soooooooooooooooooooooooo confused. So who actually dies?
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Date:January 30th, 2006 06:11 am (UTC)
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mmmmmmmmmm find the episode online and watch it, I don't want to spoil it for ya